Company Grand – Debut Studio Album

This album has been 4 years in the making. It is a journey through the development of our sound, our relationships, and our views of the world around us. The album as a whole is meant to be listened to in order – but we hope you enjoy each individual track on its’ own as well. We hope to hit the road soon to share the live experience with our fans. Until then, follow us on Spotify or find us on Apple Music.
Come on join the band, lend a hand and clap together for a common goal – ‘cuz we’re looking for people, just like you.


A collection of three songs written and recorded during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Each takes a deep dive into the politcal, social and emotional turmoil that we felt leading up to and during the lockdown period.

We maintained our physical distance during this project – all songs were arranged and recorded remotely, from our respective houses. Only a portion of our band members were able to collaborate during this time, so you can be sure to hear fuller arrangements of these great songs in the near future!

Table Scraps: Live from NYE 2017

A collection of of live tunes from our early years. This album is primarily comprised of recordings taken from our New Years Eve 2017 performance with Bend Burlesque. The remainder of the songs were recorded live by us in Sisters, OR.

Enjoy our raucous, audacious and outright hedonistic roots!